Na pele de...

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"Na pele de..." (in the skin of...) is an interactive cross-platform film/game created by my students from the Multimedia Authoring Tools module (EPAD - Escola Profissional de Artes Tecnologias e Desporto). During the classes (36 hours of classes + 8 hours for filming) they learned on how to use some some multimedia authoring tools (Adobe Premiere, Adobe DVD Encore, Adobe Phtoshop, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Flash and Adobe Dreamweaver) and how could they combine those tools to create interactive films. During the classes we discussed the main idea for the interactive film/game and we wrote it. Then we created the interactive flowchart for the interactive narrative. After that, we spend one day shooting. They did the acting based on the script main guidelines, improvising from there.

This interactive film can be used on computers, mobile devices such as moblie phones, DVD and Blu-ray systems, game consoles and all devices that support Flash.

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Na pele de... by Escola Profissional de Artes Tecnologias e Desporto is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 2.5 Portugal License.
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